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In everything that we think, say or do:  


Is it the TRUTH?


Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Will it build






Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?





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Margie Kersey


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October 21 Meeting Recap



October 29 is Electronics Recycling Day in Decatur.  Drop off your electronics between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the Decatur High School Parking lot.


The November First Thursday Social will be held on Thursday, Nov. 3 from 5-7 p.m. at No. 246 in Decatur.  More details to follow but mark your calendar now.


Remember Park Renewal Day - November 12 - we need 15 volunteers.


Jim Jarboe is seeking participation in our Literacy Project "On the Same Page."  Let him know if you want to help.



Brock Peyer 

Bulletin Committee Chair


 President's Corner

Rotary President's Corner  

Past President Dan Coursey filled in for the missing President Jason today


Meeting Recap   

October 21 

Speaker: Mark Johnson


Rotary speaker introduction
And the speaker is . . . heading to the front of the room

Invocation - Given by Doug Torbush.   

Guests - Carl Pike, Matt Willett, Cathy Pearson, Princess Wilson, Chad Green, and Nadia Smith.  Thanks to Elliott Augustine for the introductions.

From the Speaker - Scott Thompson introduced our speaker Mark Johnson who is a mentalist. 

Mark kept the Club enthralled with his ability to skirt the borders of magic and prediction.  Most members were baffled by the mental tricks Mark performed. 

He chose two Rotary members who each wrote down a five digit number of their choosing.  A third person added up both numbers.  Mark then wrote the third person's number on a flip chart.

In a second serving of his mental abilities, Mark asked three members to do three different things.  Judy Turner had to identify the name of a close grade school friends.  Elliott Augustine had to jot down the name of a childhood pet.  Past President Dan Coursey was to draw a picture of whatever entered his head.  Mark then identified the name of the person Judy wrote down, the name of Elliott's pet, and drew a picture exactly the same as Dan's.

At the heart of Mark's presentation was the message that we accept the possibility that all things are possible.  Removing many of the parameters that define our comfort zones makes far more things possible. 

Rotary Around the Room
Take a deep breath . . . the answer is right here . . .
Rotary Around the Room
You're kidding, right?
Rotary Around the Room
Charter members of the red tie club?
Rotary Around the Room
The crowd rushes the speaker table -- perhaps to learn the speaker's secrets?
Rotary Around the Room
Elliott, it's good to have you back and introducing guests


Reporter: Brock Peyer

Photographers: Mark Hastings, Jon Manns and Mark Burnette



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