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Book Of
The Week
There was no book of the week.

Guests & Visitors

David Ewing

gave the invocation.


Alan Dishman
introduced the

Visiting Rotarian:


Mac Willett

Stone Mountain



Our Guests included:

Larry Howard,

 Wells Fargo, guest of

Clark Candler


Drew Brooks,

Wells Fargo, guest of Scotty Candler


John Miller,

grandson and guest of Warren Davidson


At A Glance
March 18, 2011:  
Dale Caldwell, Investigative Reporter, 
March 25, 2011:
Jones Hooks, Chief Executive of the Jekyll Island Authority (JIA).
April 1, 2011:
Rev. Pam Driesell, Senior Pastor, Trinity Church


Officers of the Decatur Rotary Club:


C.J. Becker

Jason Conn

Past President:
Bryan Downs
Betty Spiker

John Bennett

Sergeant-at-Arms: Doug Torbush

District Governor:
Casey Farmer


March 2:
Bill Jackson 
March 6:
Terri Candler

March 14:
Rhonda Davidson

March 17:
Lyn Menne

March 17:
Henry Wall

March 23:
Fred Turner

March 26:
Bryan Downs
March 16, 2011



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John Drake, Pattillo Industrial Real Estate



 President's Corner
 President C.J. called the meeting to order and made announcements.


President C.J. reported that the DeKalb Rotary Council breakfast on March 4 was a well-attended, good event.  She recognized Judy Turner, who was our Club's nominee for DeKalb Rotarian of the Year, and Mark Burnette, who was the nominee for our Club's Rotarian of the Year. 


President C.J. also announced that the board will meet on Friday, March 18, at 11:15 a.m.  Club members may attend board meetings, which count as make-ups. 


She also reminded the Club of the Rotary District 6900 Conference, April 28-May 1 at Callaway Gardens


James B. Langford


Robert Brown 03-11-11introduced our speaker,

James B. Langford, Executive Director of the Georgia Meth Project, and is president of the board of directors of MillionMile Greenway.


 Mr. Langford's presentation forcused on each of these nonprofit organizations.  The Georgia Meth Project ( is a large-scale prevention program aimed at significantly reducing first-time meth use through public service messaging, public policy, and community outreach. Former Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker was one of the founders, and Georgia is the first state east of the Rockies to have this program.  With a $5 million annual budget and approximately 700 volunteers, the project shows graphic television ads aimed at teens to convey the message "Not Even Once."  Mr. Langford presented chilling statistics on the effects of meth:  healthcare, foster care, and incarceration and court expenses cost an estimated $1.3 billion annually.  Seventy-five percent of children in foster care are there due to meth, and 42 percent of child endangerment cases in Georgia involve meth.  Mr. Langford said that "Not Even Once" is the emphasis because once a person is addicted to meth, which can occur with just one use, it is extremely difficult to come off the drug.


The MillionMile Greenway ( is a national nonprofit which serves as a mentor for individuals and communities that want to save greenspace and thereby provide public recreational opportunities, such as bicycle and pedestrian paths, and connectiveness to other greenspaces -- conservation, recreation and connectivity.  Mr. Langford said thatThe MillionMile Greenway believes it is possible to achieve a balance between incredible population growth and conservation of land and water resources for parks, trails and natural spaces.  By providing Community Starter Grants and additional software support, the project has seen the successful development of these greenway projects:  City of Dunwoody, Coastal Georgia Greenway, Northeast Georgia Regional Development Center, South Fork Conservancy (DeKalb County), Spotsylvania Greenways Initiative (Virginia), and Yahoola Creek Trails Conservancy (Georgia).  Mr. Langford said that both the establishment and continued maintenance of these greenway projects depend upon involving citizens, nonprofit groups and government entities.


speaker 03-11-11


   Speaker Photo:  James B. Langford



On behalf of the Speaker, the book, Meth:  America's Drug Epidemic by Elaine Landau, was donated to the DeKalb County Library System.


The meeting was adjourned.
Reported by Susan Cobleigh
Photography by Mark Burnette 


'Round the Room...

book 03-11-11 
President C.J. presents book in Mr. Langford's honor.


 round the room 03-11-11

 Scott Thompson and John Kozak catch up. 


 round 03-11-11


Fred Turner, Bill Breen and Bedros Sharian discuss the meeting












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