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March 3, 2009 Edition Rotary
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Whoops - I have one more issue as your editor! Hope you don't mind!

Your reporter for February is John B. Kline.

In this Issue
  • Elizabeth Horner from the Carlos Museum
  • Happy Birthday Wishes
  • Around the Room
  • Upcoming Programs

  • Elizabeth Horner from the Carlos Museum
    E Horner

    Elizabeth Horner is the Director of Education for the Carlos Museum

    Bill Probst

    Bill Probst introduced our visiting Rotarians

    President Mark gave an introduction of our guest speaker, Elizabeth Horner, who has been the Director of Education for the Carlos Museum since 1990. She has both a BA and MA in Art History from Emory. She is also a resident of Decatur with her family.

    She is the recipient of the Emory Distinguished Service Award, the National Art Education Association Museum Educator of the Year Award for the Southeastern Region and the Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries Museum Professional of the Year Award.

    Mrs. Horner opened her presentation with a slideshow of some of the highlights of the King Tut Exhibit which is currently showing at the Atlanta Civic Center through May 25. She shared with the audience some of the examples of the three phases of the pharaohs from the Old Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom.

    The exhibit also gives the viewers a glimpse into the private lives of the pharaohs, with examples of their personal decorations for their palaces, their jewelry and even the way the buried their pet cats. She showed pictures of the jewelry boxes and golden flip-flops. Mrs. Horner also shared with us some of the details from the companion exhibit of photographs of the excavation project of King Tut's tomb from the 1920's by Howard Carter. That exhibit is showing at the Carlos Museum on the Emory campus.

    Following our speaker's talk, President Mark presented the DeKalb Library System with Tutankhamun, the Goldern King and the Great Pharaohs by Zahi Hawass in our speaker's honor.

    Reported By John B. Kline

    Photographs By Jon Manns

    Happy Birthday Wishes

    Happy March Birthday

      • March 2: Bill Jackson
      • March 6: Terri Candler
      • March 10: Nathaniel Briley
      • March 14: Rhonda Davidson
      • March 17: Lyn Menne
      • March 17: Henry Wall
      • March 21: Crawford Lewis
      • March 23: Fred Turner
      • March 24: George Ingram
      • March 26: Bryan Downs
      • March 24: Byron Saunders

    Around the Room
    Elizabeth & Mark

    President Mark presents our Rotary book to Elizabeth Horner


    Elizabeth Horner showed slides of Egyptian artifacts

    Mark & Jason

    President Mark presented a plaque to Jason Conn

    Upcoming Programs

  • March 6: Doug Shipman
  • March 13: Tom Gordon
  • March 20: Tyese Lawyer & Gayle Gellerstedt

  • Rotary logo

    Welcoming Guests

    Bill Probst introduced our visiting Rotarians: Robert Walker of the Midtown Club; Pete Pfeiffer of the Cordele, GA club; and Past President of our club, now of the Nashville club - Gil Campbell.

    Guests of Rotarians:

    Darro Wiley introduced as his guest David Tucker; J. Tom Morgan introduced as his guest, his daughter Caroline Morgan the City President in Decatur for Cornerstone Bank.

    Officers for Decatur Rotary:

    President - Mark Hastings

    President-Elect - Bryan Downs

    Past President - David Ewing

    Secretary - Vee Nelson

    Treasurer - Jason Conn

    Sergeant-at-Arms - Doug Torbush

    District Governor - Ted Propes


    Joe Kusmik announced that the District meeting will be held at Jekyll Island April 23. Watch the bulletin for more details.

    Our guest Rotarian, Robert Walker, told us of the Early Childhood Rotary Project that is kicking off next Friday March 6th at 11:00 am at the Americas Mart downtown.

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      Join us! Decatur Rotary Club meets each Friday at noon at the Old Courthouse on the Square in downtown Decatur.

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