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Decatur Rotary Club Officers 

Jason Conn

Kirby Thompson

Past President:
C.J. Becker
David Hughes

John Bennett

Sergeant-at-Arms: Bedros Sharian III


District Governor:

Margie Kersey


  1  Bill Harrison
  2  Elliott Augustine
  3  Jim Philips &
      Gary Sams
Bedros Sharian III
  8  Susan Cobleigh
14  David Hughes
17  Bob Buckner
19  Jim Crabb
27  Jim Miller
28  Brian Cayce
April 13 Meeting Recap



Past President Deloney Hull died April 7 and the service was held at Decatur Presbyterian Church April 14.  We send our thoughts and prayers to his family.  


Look for information soon on our Rotary Foundation fundraiser on June 16.  


We had a good turnout at Eddie's Attic for our monthly social.  Thanks to Kathy Johnson for arranging it - see the photo collage below.


Congratulations to Tim Martin who received an award for his work as a financial advisor in the under 40 age group.  And to Vee Nelson for lifting over 210,000 pounds in one month at the Y! 


From the bulletin committee - the next Rotary bulletin will come out April 30 - we are combining the next two weeks.  If you are interested in learning how to do the bulletin, please let Harl Pike or Linda Harris know as we will be glad to train you!



Harl Pike & the Rotary Bulletin team



 President's Corner

President Jason tries to recruit Eric Lucas to his "Eat Dessert First" Diet  

Meeting Recap  

      April 13   Speaker Robert J. Davis, Ph.D.


Invocation - James Brewer-Calvert

Visiting Rotarians - Shawn Intofa from the Dunwoody Club

Guests - Sam Graddy and Jackie Coleman, guests of Fred Turner; Jackie Ginn, guest of Susie Brown; and Alice Murray, guest of Linda Harris

From the Speaker - Linda Harris introduced Robert J. Davis, a Decatur resident, media entrepreneur and award-winning health journalist who is founder and CEO of Everwell, a company that creates and distributes health video content through its own TV network in 1000 doctors' offices nationwide and through the Web. 

Robert spoke about his most recent book, Coffee Is Good For You, in which he encourages the wise use of science to establish the veracity of claims about what is good in our diets and what we should avoid. 

He held up a 1920 copy of a book by a health "expert" who advocated that to live a long life one should avoid any kind of fruit and try not to eat vegetables. 

Robert noted that in the past we had to rely on faith, hunches, anecdotal evidence and such as we tried to figure out what in our diet was healthful.  Now we have modern knowledge based on science, so why, our speaker asked, do we know more yet seem more confused than ever?

First, he blamed the media which only deals in snippets with the result that we miss or ignore the larger picture.  Second, the internet is allows bad ideas to spread further, faster so ideas based more on faith than science can easily take hold.  And third, "we" are part of the problem as we look and long for simple answers and magic bullets.

Robert urged us all to use information wisely as modern science helps us get closer to the truth about nutrition and health. 

Alice Murray, Robert Davis and Linda Harris catch up during lunch
Robert Davis admits he loves chocolate but not coffee!
John Adams & Charlie Bell greet our speaker
Todd Speed and Bob Wilson discuss the pros and cons of eating fruit and vegetables

Sam Graddy challenges Vee Nelson to a weight lifting contest - Brenda Leder and Betty Spiker place their bets


Wednesday Social at Eddie's Attic
Rotary First Thursday Social -- Wednesday edition!

Reporter: Harl Pike

Photographers: Mark Hastings, Jon Manns and Mark Burnette



The Rotary Bulletin Committee
Decatur Rotary Club
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