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Book Of
The Week
There was no book of the week.

Guests & Visitors


Pete Pfeiffer

gave the invocation.




Jon Manns

introduced visiting Rotarian

Mac Willett,

 Stone Mountain Club






Rafael Veraza, guest of

Jason Conn











At A Glance
April 22, 2011:
Elliot Augustine will present a program entitled Why GOOGLE Must Rule the World.

April 29, 2011:
Patrick Allitt, Cahoon Family Professor of American History.

Officers of the Decatur Rotary Club:


C.J. Becker

Jason Conn

Past President:
Bryan Downs
Betty Spiker

John Bennett

Sergeant-at-Arms: Doug Torbush

District Governor:
Casey Farmer


April Birthdays!


April 1
Bill Harrison
April 2
Elliott Augustine
April 3
Jim Philips
April 3
Gary Sams
April 5
Bedros Sharian III
April 8
Susan Cobleigh
April 14
David Hughes
April 17
Bob Buckner
April 19
James Crabb
April 27
Jim Miller
April 28
Brian Cayce

April 20, 2011
Have a safe and happy holiday weekend with your family and friends. 


John Drake, Pattillo Industrial Real Estate

 President's Corner
Pres CJ 04-15-11
President C.J. called the meeting to order.


Eric Lucas gave an update on the trip to South Africa which will take place next month and will be hosted by the East London Club.  Along with their spouses, Barbara Tedrow, Pete Pfeiffer, Jack Gerlach, and Eric will be traveling to aid in humanitarian efforts.


President C. J. presented Pete Pfeiffer with his third Paul Harris Fellow recognition.


President C. J. announced that the Decatur Rotary Foundation will be presenting $12,500 in grants to local nonprofit organizations.  President C. J. encouraged members to complete the Survey Monkey -- either by e-mail or by filling out a form by hand.  There will be an early evening reception on May 19 to honor our Club's past presidents.


James Brewer-Calvert announced a Spring Carnival on Saturday, April 30, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the First Christian Church park (corner of Ponce de Leon and Nelson Ferry).

Jay E. Berkelhamer, MD  
Speaker Intro 04-15-11


Linda Morris introduced speaker Jay E. Berkelhamer, MD, a Senior Physician Advisor at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, Clinical Professor at Emory, Adjunct Professor at Morehouse and a general pediatrician.


"Shaping an Agenda for Children"


Dr. Berkelhamer says he has become increasingly concerned about the welfare and well-being of children in the United States.  As examples, he said that the U.S. ranks next-to-last in child well-being; that 30 percent do not complete high school; and that the infant mortality rate is rising.  "Our elderly fare fairly well in this country economically, but 21 percent of our children are at or below the poverty level," he said.


According to the 2010 UNICEF report on the state of the world's children, the U.S. finished 20 out of 21 of the world's most developed or industrialized countries.  England was ranked 21st, and Dr. Berkelhamer says this is because that country is struggling with the same sorts of issues as the U.S.  The UNICEF measurements are based on material well-being, nutrition, health, safety, and education.


In 1997, the America's Promise Alliance ( was founded as a response to the Presidents' Summit for America's Future, attended by Presidents Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.  Nancy Reagan represented President Ronald Reagan.  General Colin Powell is the founding chairman of America's Promise Alliance, and his wife Alma Powell is the current chair.  The Five Promises are developmental resources and support systems that children need for success in life: Caring Adults, Safe Places, A Healthy Start, Effective Education, and Opportunities to Help Others.  Nobel Prize laureate James Heckman has said that if kids get four to five of the Promises, they do well, but that two-thirds of America's children are living without "enough Promises" and 20 percent receive none at all.


Commenting on two of the promises, Dr. Berkelhamer said, "Sixty percent of jobs in this country require a bachelor's degree.  This country will continue to fail economically if we don't produce an educated workforce.  Most Americans are in favor of health care for children [whose families can't afford it], but public programs don't reflect these expressed preferences."


Dr. Berkelhamer said that "The Way Forward" is to invest in kids early; focus on those most at-risk; invest in kids holistically; and engage all sectors of society.  "The bottom line is advocacy on the community, state, national and international levels," he said.




Speaker 04-15-11


   Speaker Photo:  Dr. Jay E. Berkelhamer, MD 



On behalf of the Speaker, the book Between Expectations: Lessons from a Pediatric Residency by Meghan MacLean Weir, MD., was donated to the DeKalb County Library System.

The meeting was adjourned.

Reported by Susan Cobleigh
Photography Mark Burnette


'Round the Room... 

Photo 25 04-15-11
Dr. Charlie Bell and Bill Breen catch up.
 Congrats 04-15-11
 President C.J. congratulates Pete Pfeiffer.
 photos2 04-15-11 

Betty Wills waits to meet Dr. Berkelhamer.


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