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In everything that we think, say or do:  
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Is it FAIR to all concerned?

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Book Of
The Week
There was no book of the week.

Guests & Visitors


Kirby Thompson

gave the invocation.




Fred Turner

introduced visiting Rotarian

Ed Willingham,

 Northlake Club








Our Rotary student

Su Myat Thu,

guest of Betty  Spiker.


Jim Garner, grandson of Bedros Sharian, Jr.


Scotty Candler IV,

son of

Scotty Candler


Marjorie Adams, wife of John  Adams

At A Glance
April 29, 2011:
Patrick Allitt, Cahoon Family Professor of American History.
May 6, 2011:
James Brewer-Calvert, Local Grants Committee,  Spotlight on Rotary Grants.

Officers of the Decatur Rotary Club:


C.J. Becker

Jason Conn

Past President:
Bryan Downs
Betty Spiker

John Bennett

Sergeant-at-Arms: Doug Torbush

District Governor:
Casey Farmer


April Birthdays!


April 1
Bill Harrison
April 2
Elliott Augustine
April 3
Jim Philips
April 3
Gary Sams
April 5
Bedros Sharian III
April 8
Susan Cobleigh
April 14
David Hughes
April 17
Bob Buckner
April 19
James Crabb
April 27
Jim Miller
April 28
Brian Cayce

April 28, 2011



John Drake, Pattillo Industrial Real Estate

 President's Corner
cj 04-22-11
President C.J. called the meeting to order.



President CJ noted that she will be out of town next Friday at the Rotary Conference in Callaway Gardens.  Bedros Sharian Jr. will preside in her place.


Congratulations to Jenny Porter, a Rotarian in our club for a year, who is now a Paul Harris fellow.  Jenny has also chaired the Literacy Committee this year.


Congratulations also to Tim Martin who was named the Top Under Forty Producer in his industry.


Jim Philips introduced Past District Governor Robert Hall who then turned the tables on Jim by giving a brief synopsis about Jim and Donna and their outstanding commitment to Rotary - noting that Jim & Donna are now the 2nd Georgia members in the Arch Klumph Club (an honor bestowed when giving to Rotary reaches $250,000).  President C.J. called Robert, Jim and Donna all Rotary heroes.




Elliott Augustine/John Adams
John Adams 04-22-11


President C.J. introduced John Adams who first  read the 4 Way Beer Test (on a Rotary coozie) before presenting it to President C.J.:  1. Is it ice cold?  2.  Is there enough for all concerned?  3.  Will it build good times and much better fellowships? and 4) Can it get any better than this? 


John Adams introduced the "Why Google Must Rule the World" program by commanding members to "turn on your cell phones now" noting that any member "who does not receive a phone call or a text message during the program will be fined $25."


John Adams and Elliott Augustine shared the microphone for a laugh-generating, thought-provoking tale of Google and how they believe it is poised to take over the world - Elliott predicted it would take less than 10 years.


John Adams listed the 19 free Google programs he uses on a daily basis:

1.     Gmail for his email server (up to 50 people can have your domain name)

2.     Gmail for permanent storage of emails

3.     Google Search Engine - #1 because it works

4.     Google Calendar - John pulled up his color-coded calendar showing his personal calendar, the Rotary program calendar, his seminar calendar, and his rental house calendar.  The color coded areas take you to more detailed information on each page.

5.     Google Docs for Documents

6.     Google Spreadsheets

7.     Google Upload for Storage

8.     Google Voice for Voice Mail - an 800-number will re-direct up to 10 phone lines simultaneously and consecutively.  If you do not answer, Google transcribes the message and sends you an email.

9.     Google Call Phone

10.   Google Chat for Interoffice

11.   Google Picasa for Photos - resides on your computer

12.   Google Picasa Web Albums - a companion to #11 but resides in the "cloud."

13.  Google You Tube

14.  Google Maps and Arials

15.  Google Places - drills down into the maps with specific information on such places as restaurants and shops

16.  Google Analytics

17.  Google Chrome

18.  Google Androis OS (operating system)

19.  Google Sites for Websites


Elliott followed up John's list with #20  - Google Translator - making websites accessible for the handicapped/blind.  Elliott explained "the cloud" as the ability to have access to your information wherever you are - "your hard drive in cyberspace."  Elliott explained that the online ad engine drives Google's success and that Google has become the new 411.  Companies pay to be listed high on the Google website search.  He predicted that Google is moving toward operating systems, desk top computers, and entertainment saying they are set to innovate for years to come.  He praised their practice of encouraging employees to work on pet projects 20% of their time at work.  When Google sees a company offering a service they want to offer, they just acquire the company.  They keep $5.6 billion in cash on hand to do so.


As Elliott and John fielded a variety of questions, including  "Did Google pay you to do a commercial for them?", the program ended at 1:37 and no one complained or left at 1:30 (they were too busy checking phones for texts and emails).





Elliott 04-22-11


   Speaker Photo:  Elliott Augustine



The book In the Plex:  How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives, was donated to the DeKalb County Library System.

The meeting was adjourned.

Reported by Linda Harris
Photography Mark Burnette


'Round the Room... 

award 04-22-11
Jenny Porter was recognized by President C.J.
 visitor 04-22-11
 Alan Dishman and Jason Conn welcome
Bedros Sharian's granndson, Jim Garner.

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