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Decatur Rotary Club Officers 

Jason Conn

Kirby Thompson

Past President:
C.J. Becker
David Hughes

John Bennett

Sergeant-at-Arms: Bedros Sharian III


District Governor:

Margie Kersey


  1  Bill Harrison
  2  Elliott Augustine
  3  Jim Philips &
      Gary Sams
Bedros Sharian III
  8  Susan Cobleigh
14  David Hughes
17  Bob Buckner
19  Jim Crabb
27  Jim Miller
28  Brian Cayce
April 6 Meeting Recap



Michael Oki announced the home opening game of the Silverbacks soccer team will be April 7.


The First Thursday Social will be on the 2nd Wednesday this month.  Plan to come to Eddie's Attic on Wednesday, April 11 at 5:30.  Remember to BYOW (Bring Your Own Wallet) and enjoy beverages of your choice and free appetizers.  Watch for the special alert reminder this week.  


Mark your calendars for the June 16 club fundraiser for the Rotary Foundation.  Details coming soon.


We will miss Thomas Brown and Terri Candler who resigned from the Club. 


Congratulations to Pete Pfeiffer who was honored as a Paul Harris Fellow plus 4!



Harl Pike & the Rotary Bulletin team



 President's Corner

President Jason says "Mark Your Calendars for June 16"  

Meeting Recap  

      April 6   Speakers Mary Margaret Oliver & Steve Henson


Invocation - Tom Adams

Guests - Bob Keown of Emory Health Care guest of Rhonda Davidson

New Member - Mark Hastings introduced new member Daniel DeWoskin.  Dan has his own law firm and "represents the under-represented."   

From the Speaker - Judy Turner introduced our speakers, State Representative Mary Margaret Oliver and State Senator Steve Henson. 

Our speakers highlighted actions of the 2012 General Assembly and spoke at length about the tax reform package which included, among other things, an elimination of the state sales tax on energy used in manufacturing as well as an elimination of the "birthday tax" on motor vehicles.

Representative Oliver addressed the challenges of a rising prison population and the unsustainable cost of incarcerating more and more people.  She said, for example, that currently 3,200 people who are in prison for possession of drugs could be handled more effectively in drug courts and intensive probabion.

Senator Henson spoke about problems with the unemployment compensation trust fund and "a 2 1/2 billion dollar hole in it."

All in all, they reported that this assembly session passed a balanced budget that is 15% smaller than the 2008 budget. 


Mark Hastings with our new member Daniel DeWoskin
State Representative Mary Margaret Oliver
State Senator Steve Henson
Way to go Pete - Paul Harris Fellow + 4!


Martin Luther King, Jr. Service Project
Rotary in Action at MLK Service Project Jan. 14-16. 

Reporter: Harl Pike

Photographers: Mark Hastings, Jon Manns and Mark Burnette



The Rotary Bulletin Committee
Decatur Rotary Club
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