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In everything that we think, say or do:  
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Is it FAIR to all concerned?

Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?



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Book Of
The Week
There was no book of the week.




Tom Adams 





Hank Spiker,

guest and husband of

Betty Spiker


Laura Candler,

guest of George Carley


Clark Candler II,

guest and son of

Terri Candler


Cindy Jollay,

guest and wife of

Dave Jollay


Mary Smith,

guest and wife of

Houston Smith


Emily Simons,

guest of Linda Morris


Lee Conn, Reba Conn, Bailey Conn, Reagan Conn, and Beth Conn, guests and family of

Jason Conn



At A Glance
July 1, 2011:
Stephanie Van Parys, Director, Oakhurst Community Garden Project

Officers of the Decatur Rotary Club:


C.J. Becker

Jason Conn

Past President:
Bryan Downs
Betty Spiker

John Bennett

Sergeant-at-Arms: Doug Torbush

District Governor:
Casey Farmer


June Birthdays!

June 2
Jon Manns

June 4
Bill Breen

June 10
Greg Adams

June 10
Richard Puckett

June 13
Bobby Atwater

June 13
Ray Willoch

June 14
Melissa Forgey

June 14
Jack Gerlach

June 14
Gue Hudson

June 16
Dan Coursey

June 17
Bob McMahan

June 17
B.J. Sumner

June 21
Bob Bachman

June 22
Candler Broom

June 22
Don Hooten

June 24
David Ewing

June 26
Todd Speed
June 24, 2011 Meeting

As our term comes to an end, I would like to thank my assistant, Elaine Pityer, for assembling the newsletter each week.  It would not have been

e-mailed without her...Thank you, Elaine.  Also, thank you to all the reporters and photographers. 


Good luck to the new officers and committees as a new year begins for the Decatur Rotary Club.


John Drake

Pattillo Industrial Real Estate

 President's Corner
CJ 06-24-11
President C.J. called the meeting to order.

President C. J. called attention to the book lists placed at each table.  Twenty-two books are being donated to the DeKalb Library in honor of Decatur Rotary members and their contributions to the Club during President C.J.'s tenure.


Changing of the Guard.....
Jean O'Callaghan presented pins to Jason Conn, Club President,
and to Eric Norwood, President-Elect 2011-2012.
#1 06-24-11
   #2 06-24-11

Following a toast offered by President C. J., President Jason spoke to the Club about what Decatur Rotary Club means to him and of his vision and goals for the coming year.

#4 06-24-11

#5 06-24-11





Linda Morris introduced legendary Atlanta Performers Banks & Shane -- Banks Burgess, Paul Shane, and Jim Durand -- who have been making music together since 1972.

#7 06-24-11

#8 06-24-11

Their set featured songs in tribute to the Kingston Trio, including The Tijuana Jail, One More Town, Everglades, A Worried Man, and M.T.A.  They concluded with Woody Guthrie's This Land is Your Land and Club members sang along.

#9 06-24-11



The meeting was adjourned.


Reporter - Susan Cobleigh

Photographers - Mark Hastings and Mark Burnette




Around the Room.....


#10 06-24-11

Proud family of President Jason.


#11 06-24-11

Members enjoy the music.





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