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June 26, 2009 Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
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Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
  • Changing of the Guard
  • Around the Room
  • Decatur Rotary Annual Awards
  • Happy Birthday
  • Coming Up

  • Changing of the Guard
    Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
    President Bryan giving plaque to Mark Hastings

    President Mark Hastings passes the torch to incoming President Bryan Downs.

    Mark Burnette, photographer

    Outgoing President Mark Hastings

    by Richard Puckett, reporter

    Outgoing President Mark Hastings began his farewell address by pointing out the good things that had happened on his watch: no terrorist attacks; no more public punishments; general benevolence for all. More seriously, he thanked the numerous people who made it a good year for the club:

  • the group of past presidents
  • all the committee chairs
  • the Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees

    President Mark also thanked the four retiring directors of the club: Jeff Hancock, Gue Hudson, Scott Thompson and Brad Bryant

    In addition, he recognized four individuals for jobs very well done by awarding them with plaques:

  • Tom Adams, Billing and Comptroller
  • Jack Gerlach, Rotary Foundation Treasurer
  • Jason Conn, Club Treasurer
  • Vee Nelson, Club Secretary

    Finally, President Mark thanked Doug Torbush for being a stalwart and dependable Sergeant-at-arms. Saying "goodbye," he then became a past president.

    Incoming President Bryan Downs took up the reins of leadership by first thanking outgoing President Mark for his year of service, especially his dependability and his work behind the scenes to improve the structure and functioning of the club. He then recognized Mark's leadership with a Past President pin, a plaque, and a gift from the club.

    President Bryan continued by introducing family members that were present - his father-in-law, Joe Anderson, his son, Walker, his mother, Ann Downs, and his wife, Nancy. Unfortunately, his other son, Luker, could not be present.

    As he looked forward to the year ahead, President Bryan pointed out that what will make a successful year for the club is not the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the president, but whether the members of the club are inspired members. The measure of inspiration is threefold: faithful attendance, giving of time and energy, and being generous financial givers. He asked very member to look at her or her talents and skills and to see how they can use them most effectively in service. The club will only work because of the energy and effort of its members.

    President Bryan asked the club to focus on its greater purposes: to contribute to the community, to tend to business ethics, to be in service to the local community, and to transcend boundaries to create community. He pointed out that we are a local club, but an international organization; we are a business club formed of professional who want to help alleviate suffering in the world; we contribute in both tangible and intangible ways.

    In striving to continue the tradition of good Friday programs, President Bryan analogized to a baseball pitching staff: he going to have a starter (Scott Thompson), a middle reliever (Peggy Mitchell) and a closer (David Ewing).

    He thanked the club for entrusting him with leadership for this year and dismissed the meeting.

    The book donated to the DeKalb Library System this week in honor of both the incoming and the outgoing presidents was Book of the Presidents: An Illustrated History of America's Leaders

  • Around the Room
    Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
    Rotarians awarded plaques

    Past President Mark Hastings recognized many club members and committees for their outstanding performance over the last year. Jason Conn, right, is proudly displaying the plaque he received for service as Club Treasurer. Also pictured are Mark Treese and Rhonda Davidson.

    President Bryan's family

    President Bryan's family was present in support of the occasion. Pictured with President Bryan are his wife, Nancy, his son, Walker, and his father-in-law, Joe Anderson.

    Decatur Rotary Annual Awards
    Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
    Rotary Scholarship Awardees

    Neima Abdulahi thanks the club for her scholarship award as the other awardee, Lindsey Tumperi, looks on.

    As is the Club's tradition before the outgoing President takes his leave, Rotary Foundation grants were given to a number of community non-profits.

    This year's Rotary Foundation grants were awarded to:

  • Decatur Cooperative Ministry
  • DeKalb Library Foundation
  • DeKalb Rape Crisis Center
  • Girls on the Run
  • Global Village School
  • International Community School
  • United Methodist Children's Home
  • Our House
  • Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse:
  • Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta

    John Robinson, Chair of the Rotary Scholarship Committee, introduced the co-recipients of the 2009 Rotary Scholarship Award. This year the committee had two finalists with exceptional records and - with the vote of the club - decided to give scholarships to both finalists. The 2009 recipients are:

  • Lindsey Tumperi: Lindsey is a graduating senior and will be attending University of Virginia in the fall. Lindsey was accompanied by her father, Eric Tumperi.
  • Neima Abdulahi: Neima is also a graduating senior. She is originally from Somalia and will be attending Elon College in the fall. Neima was accompanied by her mother, Safio Mohamed.

    The girls were also accompanied by their teacher, Amanda Lockhart-Keener.

  • Happy Birthday
    Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
    Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel

    Happy Birthday to all Rotarians with birthdays in July! Unfortunately, Julia Carter is standing in for Susan Cobleigh while she is away, and she doesn't know who you are. We will rectify this shortly!

    Coming Up
    Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel

    July 10: Noted author Vivian Price and artist Maceo Rogers will talk about the book and artwork produced for the DeKalb History Center's most recent publication, Historic DeKalb County.

    July 17: Matt Slappey

    July 24: Kodac Harrison

    Club Announcements

    Doug Torbushdelivered the invocation.

    The membership summary for the year is as follows:

  • 4 new members
  • 8 removed members
  • Current membership of 145

    Welcoming Guests

    George Carley had as guests Clark Candler II and Catherine Henson, interns in his office for the summer.

    The club had a number of guests from the charities that were receiving Rotary Foundation grants:

  • Decatur Cooperative Ministry: Beth Vann, Valerie Alexander
  • DeKalb Library Foundation: Donna Brazzell
  • DeKalb Rape Crisis Center: Phyllis Miller
  • Girls on the Run: Kelly Walsh
  • Global Village School: Grace Hawkins, Barbara Thompson, Suzi Jacobs
  • International Community School: Mary Moon, Laurent Ditmann
  • United Methodist Children's Home: Alina Crews
  • Our House: Lee Carroll, Amy Green, Tyese Lawyer
  • Side by Side Brain Injury Clubhouse: Virginia Vaughn, Catherine Frasier, Cindy Johnson

    Guests of the club also included awardees of the Decatur Rotary Scholarship: Lindsey Tumperi and Neima Abdulahi. Lindsey's father and former Decatur Rotary member, Eric Tumperi, proudly accompanied her; and Safio Mohamed also attended in support of her daughter, Neima. The girls' teacher, Amanda Lockhart-Keener, also was also present and a guest of the club.

    And last, by certainly not the least of our guests, President Bryan's family was present. In attendance were his wife, Nancy, his mother, Ann Downs, his father-in-law, Joe Anderson and his son, Walker.

    Outgoing Officers for Decatur Rotary:

  • President: Mark Hastings
  • President-Elect: Bryan Downs
  • Past President: David Ewing
  • Secretary: Vee Nelson
  • Treasurer: Jason Conn
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Doug Torbush
  • District Governor - Ted Propes

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Join us! Decatur Rotary Club meets each Friday at noon at the Old Courthouse on the Square in downtown Decatur.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    The four-way test of the things we think, say or do:

    Is it the TRUTH?

    Is it FAIR to all concerned?


    Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Directions: Old Courthouse on the Square
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