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July 20, 2009 Edition Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
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Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel

Greetings from your new Bulletin editors. This year Brenda Leder, Brian Cayce and John Bennett will be sharing the editor assignment along with a great group of reporters. We look forward to bringing you the weekly news from Decatur Rotary Club and invite you to send us any announcements that you want to share with other members of our club.

Brenda Leder

In this Issue
Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
  • President Bryan Presides
  • Buying or Selling a Private Business
  • Around the Room
  • July Birthdays

  • President Bryan Presides
    Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
    President Bryan

    President Bryan returns from vacation.

    Buying or Selling a Private Business
    Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel

    Matt Slappey business broker, explains the intricacies of buying and selling businesses.

    Jason Conn introduced our speaker, Matt Slappey, who spoke about the process and complexities of buying or selling a business. Matt is a Decatur native, and his father, Dr. George Slappey, was a long-time member of Decatur Rotary.

    After graduating from Presbyterian College with a triple major, he served seven years as an intelligence officer and a pilot in the Army, then spent twelve years as a sales manager for a major medical company. Several years ago, he made a decision to buy the local office of a national business brokerage firm. Matt's reputation and success in the business brokerage field has been rewarded with numerous recognitions and awards.

    Matt said people decide to change their career paths for many reasons, and those reasons have expanded in the current economic climate. Deciding to buy or sell a business can be a complex task requiring the assistance of a skilled business brokerage firm. The brokerage firm should provide confidential service, valuation guidance, effective marketing, and the ability to involve the client's legal and accounting professionals in the process.

    Buying a business requires the ability to look at more than just the company's recent profitability. A business may be a good one to buy if it can cover the acquisition debt incurred, if it will pay the owner a reasonable salary and provide a reasonable return of 10% to 20%, and if it will provide a safety cushion of cash flow. Based on profits alone, two potential businesses may look identical. However, looking in depth at each business's debt, equipment age, owner's compensation and vacation, and similar factors will reveal a better understanding of which company is more desirable.

    People decide to sell a business for a variety of personal and legal reasons. Matt cited statistics on the large number of businesses for sale, as well as the low number of businesses that actually have sold. Understanding the valuation of a business for sale is a critical factor that requires professional guidance. Often, business sellers place inflated values on their businesses, which discourages potential buyers. Professional brokerage assistance also ensures that the purchase or sale of a business will result in the satisfaction of both the seller and the buyer. Required consents and agreements will be legally sound, valuation will be verified by a third party, books and records will be confirmed, financing will be arranged, confidential negotiations and closing will be professionally handled. The end result is that the sellers and the buyers achieve their goals, the company is left in good hands, and legal and financial aspects are in order.

    In honor of Mr. Slappey's presentation, President Bryan announced Darrow Willey's selection for donation to the DeKalb County Public Library System: The Complete Guide to Selling a Business.

    Reported by Betty Spiker

    Around the Room
    Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
    members thank speaker

    Bill Breen, Ray Willoch, Bob Wilson around today's speaker, Matt Slappey.

    Mark and John

    Past President Mark and John Adams catching up.

    July Birthdays
    Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel
    • July 03: Warren Davidson
    • July 04: Bob Castellani and Robert Soens
    • July 05: Betty Spiker
    • July 08: Linton Broome
    • July 09: Al Raab
    • July 10: Walt Drake
    • July 16: Ted O'Callaghan
    • July 17: Joe Kusmik and Barbara Tedrow
    • July 19: John Kline
    • July 21: John Bennett
    • July 27: Jim Thibadeau and Jim Topple
    • July 30: Mark Whatley

    Decatur Rotary Spoke 'n Wheel

    Upcoming Programs

    • July 24th - Kodac Harrisson, Poet and Singer/Songwriter
    • July 31st - TBA
    • August 7th - TBA
    • August 14th - Nancy Chandler, CEO, Georgia Center for Child Advocacy
    • August 21st - District Governor Roy Strickland
    • August 28th - Hank Klibanoff, Pultizer Prize Winner

      Welcoming Guests

      We had no visitors this week.

      Decatur Rotary's Agnes Scott Scholarship Recipient

      We are pleased to announce that Agnes Scott has selected a scholarship recipient for our Club. She is Su Myat Thu, an incoming freshman this fall. The admissions committee selected her on the basis of her grades, her test scores, her extracurricular activities, and her genuine need for financial assistance.

      Su Myat is from Myanmar, a 2009 graduate of Practising High School. She is an excellent student with an equally excellent command of English. In addition to her studies, she has been a volunteer teacher for the girl's scholarship program, a writer for the local newspaper, secretary of the local poetry association, and an employee at the Student American Center. Her anticipated major is psychology with the goal of becoming a psychiatrist.

      Su Myat will arrive in Atlanta on August 18th, and will be involved with Agnes Scott orientation for nearly two weeks. She hopes to be our guest at a Club meeting in late August. She also plans to present a program on her country to the Club sometime in the fall. She wants our members to know that she is grateful for our support and financial assistance. Please welcome her when she arrives at our Club meeting.

      If you have news to share about our Club members or a member spotlight, please let us know so we can feature it here. It is even better if the information is already in written form with a photo!

      Officers for Decatur Rotary:

      President - Bryan Downs

      President-Elect - C.J. Becker

      Past President - Mark Hastings

      Secretary - Alan Dishman

      Treasurer - Jason Conn

      Sergeant-at-Arms - Doug Torbush

      District Governor - Roy Strickland

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      Join us! Decatur Rotary Club meets each Friday at noon at the Old Courthouse on the Square in downtown Decatur.

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      The four-way test of the things we think, say or do:

      Is it the TRUTH?

      Is it FAIR to all concerned?

      Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?

      Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

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      Directions: Old Courthouse on the Square

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