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Guests & Visitors

Doug Shipman gave the invocation.

Our Guests included:

Bill Stump from La Grange Rotary Club 

Our Visitors included: 
Stephen Ortlet introduced his wife, Doris Ortlet

Jane Sams the wife of the speaker, Dr Richard Sams 

Speakers At-a-Glance
July 23:
Don Mueller
July 30: 
Gov. Casey Farmer
Officers of the Decatur Rotary Club:
President - C.J. Becker

President-Elect -Jason Conn

Past President - Bryan Downs
Secretary - Betty Spiker

Treasurer - John Bennett

Sergeant-at-Arms - Doug Torbush
District Governor - Casey Farmer

July 3: Warren Davidson
July 4: Robert astellani
July 4: Robert Soens
July 5: Betty Spiker  
July 8: Linton Broome
July 10: Walt Drake   
July 16: Ted O'Callaghan
July 17: Joe Kusmik    
            Barbara Tedrow
July 19: John Kline
July 21: John Bennett
July 27: James hibadeau 
            James Topple
July 30: Mark Whatley

July 21, 2010
I would like to thank all the people who provided postive encouragement to us after our first issue. I would also like to remind everyone that as of today July 21, at approximately midnight begins the official first day of summer. We wanted to remind you to go out, do something active and have some summertime fun!
In lieu of football season which doesn't begin until September 9th - GO BRAVES!

Elliott Augustine & Andrea Greengard

 President's Corner

Bob Castellani sat in as acting president for President CJ and called the meeting to order.


Jeremy Warner was selected by the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce as the small business of the year.

District Gov. Casey Farmer will visit the club on July 30, 2010. 
Dr Richard Sams: 
 Geology & The History Of Dekalb County
John Adams introduced the speaker, Dr Richard Sams.


The speaker was Dr. Richard Sams who works as a geologist at Petróleos de Venezuela. Dr Sams primary occupation has been as an international consultant in petroleum exploration. Dr Sams has published many technical articles on geology. He is the author of Atlanta Is Ours: The Plot to Capture Sherman, his first historical novel.


Dr Sams was born in Atlanta and graduated from Druid Hills High School and was reared in the house he currently occupies. He graduated from Baylor School and attended Emory, UCLA, and got his PhD at The University Of Texas.

Dr Sams spoke about how Decatur was once located in the ocean and was in the middle of two continents that came together when North America came together with Africa, Asia and Australia to create the Appalachian Mountains.

The continents came together right along the Chattahoochee River and formed Stone Mountain. He also told us about "Soapstone Ridge" and mentioned that when all of the soapstone was naturally moved down to the South Georgia plain, and washed from the Piedmont area, left a lot of natural trails. Clairmont road was one trail that led to Soapstone Ridge. Another trail went to and from Stone Mountain.

Dr Sams also told us that in 3000-1500 BC the trade routes first became established.  In 900 AD, a new group of people came to and people started to occupy these areas. We called these people Indians. The Indians would hold their council at Stone Mountain. 

Following the Indians, Dr Sams' explained how Macintosh started the creation of counties in the state of Georgia with Major John Ridge, David Vann and Joseph Vann. They all helped to negotiate what we refer to as "DeKalb County". They created the earliest other counties, which were Dooley, Houston, Monroe, Fayette and Henry County. Henry County was later broken up into three counties; DeKalb was formed from Henry County.
An early settler in DeKalb County was Chapman Powell, whose "Medicine House" cabin was built near 1218 Clairmont Rd. It has since been preserved and relocated to Stone Mountain Park. Major Powell saw that trains were coming and argued in the state legislature and said the terminus of all of these railroads should end up in what we now refer to as "Atlanta", while a man named John Calhoun said that the terminus would be nothing more than an eating place.
One fact that was mentioned to us was the popular street called "Sams Crossing" (near Avondale Estates) is named after his family. 



The book "Atlanta is Ours: The Plot To Capture Sherman", written by our speaker, Dr Richard Sams, was donated to the DeKalb County Library.

The meeting was then adjourned.

Reported by Elliott Augustine 

                      'Round the Room...

Robert Brown and Betty Willis    
                     Carl Seville, Jason Conn
and Doug Torbush sharing thoughts

                                   Jim Topple and Brian Cayce talk after the meeting



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